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Battery Storage

Clean energy to power what matters

With our Powerbox you are able to charge your electric excavator anywhere, anytime. It's the perfect solution for building sites that require zero emission equipment but are not equipped with a power source that is capable of charging electric equipment. With 2 models of our battery energy storage systems (BESS) you can choose the one that fits you best.

Charging power

Our Powerbox is the optimal solution for charging your electric equipment. This powerbox contains enough energy to charge a ETEC E36c for a full week. The Box is easy to transport due the compact size (1400x1400x1400) and if necessary you can connect a generator to establish a hybrid power solution.

Zero Emission

Charging your Powerbox with green energy is essential for a low carbon foot print. With this Powerbox you are able to charge your equipment with green energy. You can reduce your carbon footprint and pollution impact to help preserve our natural environment.

Power storage

Clean, fast and reliable. Those three terms belong to electric energy. With 2 models, the 161 kWh and 174 kWh battery energy storage system, you have plenty of charging power always nearby. You can connect up to 6 powerboxes of 174 kWh to our central hub to reach a charging power of up to 1 MwH.


On the table below you can exactly see what the ETEC Powerbox is capable of. With 2 models in our product range, the 161 kWh and the 174 kWh battery energy storage system, you can choose the one that suits you best.

Size 1400x1050x1400 (LxWxH) 1400x1050x1400 (LxWxH) 800x550x1160 (LxWxH)
Weight 1350 kg 1395 kg 85 kg
Battery type LiFePO4 (LFP) LiFePO4 (LFP) -
Battery capacity 161 kWh 174 kWh 1044 kWh (max)
Input capacity 380V/32A 380V/32A & 380V/63A 380V/32A, 380V/63A & 380V/125A
Max. charging capacity 20 kW 40 kW 80 kW
Charging time 10 hours 5.5 hours -
Output capacity 230V/16A Yes Yes No
Output capacity 380V/32A Yes Yes Yes
Output capacity 380V/63A No Yes Yes
Output capacity 380V/125A No No Yes
Max. discharging capacity 20 kW 60 kW 80 kW